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Looking for information on Janos Velebir (1858-1916) and wife Anna Ihnat (1864-1930). I know they came to the U.S. and settled in Streator, Illinois. Three of their children, Anna (1886-1973), John(1887-1946), and Andrew (1888-1980) were born there. Andrew was my grandfather. After Andrew was born, Janos and Anna returned to the home village now called Hanusovce Nad Toplu; the rest of their children were born there starting in 1893 with Karol. The 3 children born in Streator apparently stayed in the U.S. but I don’t know where or with whom. I know that Janos’ sister, Barbara Velebir, also lived in Streator and married John Mittal in 1887. She would have been old enough to care for the children. I cannot find any census records for Janos and Anna. I’m hoping someone might have some information to help me determine: when did Janos and Anna arrive? Why did they not take their children with them when they left the U.S.?

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