Visiting Prague in June

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I will visiting Prague in early June. I only have a one week visit and the most important things I want to do more than anything is to visit the villages of Vidice, Tlumacov and Rybi. These are the places that my great, great grandparents were born. I want to experience the feeling of awe of this is where it started. Any advice? The best way to go about it?



I went on a Danube River Cruise the first two weeks in April and had never traveled out of the US before. Amazing! There is so much history and so much to see, I personally would recommend hiring a tour guide or someone that has knowledge of the area and the country. They may even take you to the villages of your ancestors??

We only spent one day in Prague and the tour guide we had that day was from Prague. We had different tour guides in each city…Budapest, Vienna, Linz etc but Karolina was with us the entire cruise and also helped with the language barriers in the different countries. I have no idea what it costs since ours was included in the cruise package price.

Another suggestion is PACK LIGHT!!! We had our own cabin on the boat for all but one night but I could not imagine having to pack/unpack, travel, change hotels etc lugging around the amount of stuff I brought and I thought I had packed light.

Enjoy every minute of the amazingly beautiful and historic Czech Republic!


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We also are trying to find our ancesters’ villages in July 2011. I bought a large Czech map with a town index in Borders book store. Also try looking up the towns on the internet.

We are doing the Danube river cruise July 15-22 and hope to find ancestral towns or Plasy (Western Bohemia) and Zahratky in Bohemia in the days before that. I am taking my Mom who is 89 years old.