What is the code under "Roll" in the Minnesota Archdioces search results"?

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I found several names in the church records for Holy Trinity at Veseli. Each one contains a code, such as R1V06-037 under the heading “Roll Vol-Pg “. Could someone explain to me what that means? If it is a microfilm roll number, how does one get access to it?

I did search around a bit, trying to find out what it means, but decided it was faster to simply ask.

Thank you in advance. Mary Sramek Levesque Omaha, NE



I needed to read a little further. Here’s the answer.

The actual images may be viewed on microfilm available at the Minnesota Genealogical Society (MGS) Library in South St. Paul (no charge to CGSI members). The actual image will show all information for that record. Copies of the individual record images may be obtained by sending your request to Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International, P.O. Box 16225, St. Paul, MN 55116-0225. Our standard CGSI Library Research Policy and charges will apply. You must provide the church name (as shown), ancestor’s full name, record type, record date, and the roll/volume/page reference (e.g., R1V2-004) exactly as shown on your search results.

This capability has been provided with the cooperation of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Research may also be requested directly from the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis (research charges will apply). Check their current research policy and prices.