What was a “BODA”? (My spelling).

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I looking for some good soul to help me with my question.

In the June 2014 issue, Nase Rodina, Judy Nelson listed several dozen names of “Peasantry Levels, Occupations….” I’m looking for the word/confirmation thereof of the name for a horse drawn sleigh (winter snow travel) that was used on ND farms (western Walsh County) in the 1920’s-50’s.

I recall my uncles calling it a “BODA.” (My spelling.) It was an enclosed cabin with two benches on each side, maybe holding 2-3 adults and a couple of children on the sides. It also has a small stove upfront by the driver. It had a back door for entry/exit and a small window in the front for the driver. The reins came into the cabin via a small hole in the front. In the 1930’s my dad hauled school bus in Sauter Township with one of these.

Sometimes the boda was removed from the sleigh and a hayrack put on for moving hay for the livestock.

Would appreciate any information anyone may have,

CBina Bismarck, ND



Perhaps it is derived from the word bouda which is a cabin or a shack. It is pronounced “bowdah”.

Best, Gabi

My first posting; does “title” mean topic? If so, make it BODA