“Wondlm” as source village?

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Anyone recognize Wondlm as a village name? This is the only record I have of my grest-grandmother’s* birth village and I can’t locate it in Bohemia. I tried 21 different spelling variants in that provided 2 possible villages (Vinor, Ondrejov) but searches in those places were negative.

*Johanna Skalla (21 Jun 1851-17 Sep 1918). Immigrated 26 Jul 1867, married 1871. Immigration, marriage, death records silent. Only 1 of her 7 childrens’ birth records listed a birthplace: Wondlm



The village has been located….it is Vodñany, a small town in SE Bohemia. The Trebon website indicates that this town had a “variant name” of Wodnian and maybe that is how the researcher found it.

What was her married name? Husband’s name? Where did she settle? Religion? Also try to get the church marriage record rather than just the civil license. Those usually hold much more information.

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