World War II Resistance Groups

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Has anyone done any research on Vallachian resistance at the end of World War II?  I found some articles and references to a Slovakian book from the 1960's that I did not find.  I read that there was a trial in Vsetin and about 30 people were executed.  Is there a list of names of those executed?

I had a relative in Valasske Klobouky who told us about villages that were burned by the Nazi and was wondering if there are any English references.



Hi Judy,

If you are interested in the book Smrť sa volá Engelchen, by Slovak author Ladislav Mňačko,  some US libraries hold this item either in Slovak, or some even in English, titled Death is called Engelchen. The item is listed as fiction. Please, check the by author's name, for the list of libraries. The NCSML  in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has the item, for example. The movie based on the book is on YouTube channel. 

There are various articles in Czech about these events, with option to switch to English, but probably you already know.  For example, in the online newspaper,, by clicking at the magnifying glass icon on the right, typing 'Varakovy paseky', multiple articles appear. Also, you may check the, and search by words 'konec valky' (end of war) for articles and photos. 

You may check the military archives collection, as well. 

Please, let us know if you have any other questions or comments. Thank you.