Proposed CGSI Bylaw Amendment

Authored on
October 3, 2020

The bylaw amendment below is recommended by the CGSI Executive Committee to allow for voting at meetings subsequent to October 24, 2020 which are conducted through remote communication. The proposed Virtual Voting Bylaws Amendment to Article VII - Method of Voting will renumber the first paragraph as "A" and add paragraph "B" as stated below.

The proposed amendment would become effective if approved by a majority of members casting ballots. Due to public gathering restrictions and health guidelines related to COVID-19, the opportunity to vote in person at the October 24, 2020 CGSI Annual Membership Meeting will not be available. Members are strongly advised to return proxy ballots electronically via email or postal mail.

Members may download a proxy ballot here (login required) or request a proxy ballot by sending an email to Judi Engels, CGSI Corresponding Secretary, at Proxy ballots must be received through U.S. mail by October 17, 2020 or a signed and scanned ballot by email by October 21, 2020.

Visit the Annual Membership Meeting event for online registration to attend this year's meeting via online webinar.

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Article VII - Method Of Voting

A. Votes at all meetings shall be cast by voice ballot unless the presiding person or a majority of the members present and eligible to vote request a secret ballot. Any member eligible to vote at any meeting of the membership may vote by written proxy naming the Recording Secretary, as provided in Article Two of the Articles of Incorporation.

B. The Board of Directors or Executive Committee, in their discretion, may authorize and determine that members not physically present in person or by proxy at an annual or special meeting of members may, by means of remote communication, participate (including voting) in such meeting of members held at a designated place.