Malšice, Czech Republic


Current Name: Malšice

Region and/or Nearby Villages: South Bohemia, near Tabor

Historical Names: Malsicich, Malsicz, Malschitz

Village Website: https://www.malsice.eu/uvodni-stranka/


By Pamela Kotval

The modern-day township of Malšice encompasses several villages: Cenkov, Dobrejice, Lany, Malšice, Marsov, Obora, Trebelice, and Vsechlapy. Malšice is in the picturesque Tabor Uplands about 5 miles southwest of Tabor. The first written mention of Malšice dates to 1279 when the church there was mentioned in the list of the Prague Bishop Tobias of Bechyn. The medieval Pribenice Castle was built in this area in the early 13th Century. In the 15th Century, the Rozmberk noble family imprisoned Hussite priests at the castle, which later was captured by Hussites soldiers from Tabor (perhaps including an ancestor whose house was called "Husarkovi"). At the end of the Hussite Wars, the castle was destroyed. During the 30 Years War, wealthier farmers buried money in their fields and some coins from that time have surfaced over the centuries, including on my Tuma ancestor's homestead no. 46. My Hejny ancestors have very deep roots in Dobrejice back to at least 1422-1433. My Bohac ancestors date back to 1745 in Malšice, coming from nearby Plana nad Luznici, and likely originating there circa 1540. My photo is Malšice no. 46 (originally no. 1) called "Na pivovare" or "At the brewery".

Malsice, Czech Republic - Pamela Kotval