Prague City Archives


Praha kraj
(Prague City Region)

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The registers of the Prague parishes are stored in the Archives of the City of Prague, but the records of some municipalities are also or alternately located in the State Regional Archives in Prague (Central Bohemia records). The reason is the changes of parish districts that have taken place over the centuries.

The records are divided into two groups: The historical Prague towns (listed by numerical districts), and the connected municipalities (listed alphabetically).

The Prague registers are divided into three basic Groups:

  1. Catholic registers: These are divided into internal registers of Prague (containing alphabetical listings by parish name), Old Town, New Town, Lesser town, Hradcany, and Vysehrad, and the registers of the outer Prague districts.
  2. Non-catholic church registers: These include primarily the Czech-Evangelical Evangelical, German Evangelical, and Orthodox Churches.
  3. Civilian registers: These include district political administrations, municipalities and municipal offices.

If the exact residence of the ancestor who lived in Prague is not known, the Prague police records deposited in the National Archives may be helpful. Another source of value could be the Census of Prague from 1830 to 1910 which has been digitized.

Parish Map


Mapy.cz is a great website to help you get a better perspective of where your parish is within this map.

Requesting Research

The Prague archive will not conduct research for individuals. The records are available for individual use, but because of limited capacity, it is necessary to reserve a place well in advance. Many of the registers are only available on microfilm.

Other Records

  • Cadastral Maps: Cadastral Maps for all of Bohemia are available through the Prague Archive. Click here for basic information about accessing cadastral maps.
  • Military Registers The military registers are located in the Military Historical Archives. Over 70% of the records are digitized and cover a time frame from approximately 1866 to 1941. WWI records are also available.
  • Prague Conscription List of the Prague population 1830-1949.
  • General Census Census records are available from 1869, 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910, and 1921. The books are in poor condition and only accessible by submitting an application.

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