Southern Bohemia - Třeboň


Jihočeský kraj (South Bohemian Region)

Online link: http://digi.ceskearchivy.cz/



Třeboň map

Districts: Českė Budějovice, Český Krumlov, Jindřichův Hradec, Pelhřimov, Pisek, Prachatice, Strakonice, Tábor.

The regional archive at Třeboň is among the oldest and biggest of its kind in the Czech or Slovak Republics. The archive was officially opened as of January 1, 1956, however, the origin of the archives and its records go back to the year 1602. The oldest land deed in the archive dates to 1134.

The Třeboň regional archive covers the southern part of Bohemia and a little of southwest Moravia. The website contains more than 7,200 volumes holding birth, marriage and death records for Roman Catholic, reformed churches, Czechoslovak Hussite Church, Orthrodox Church, state registers and Registers of the Citizens of the Third Reich covering the time frame from 1587 through 1949. The years covered vary by parish. There are no Jewish registers held here. They are in the National Archives in Prague.

The website also contains land registers, seignorial registers, census records, German military registers, seven local chronicles, maps and drawings, letters and charters, and photo collections.

On the home page you may select an English option (EN). On the next screen, choose the “Folder Tree” then in that column select Digitized Materials, Parish Registers, the denomination, and finally the location within the alphabetical options.

Each online archive has unique features. For this one, be sure to experiment with the Geographical Register located at the bottom of the left hand panel on the Folder Tree (ZEMĚPISNÝ REJSTŘÍK) tab. Click on this listing and a dropdown alphabet allows you to select the first letter of the name of the village you are searching. At the bottom of the page that opens is a search box titled “Quick Term Search”. Enter the village name in this box (no need to use diacritic characters) and the table above will bring you to the village. Note that the list of villages will now require you to find your village using the Czech characters. Simply click on the village name you are searching and the left hand panel will list the types of documents available for this parish. (see image at right) Clicking any of these label boxes will open the links to these documents—a real time saver!

Parish Map

If the search of the initial parish records does not yield the results you are looking for, it may be helpful to search surrounding parishes. This detail map can be enlarged to help you locate the parish you have searched and locate the names of surrounding parishes. Mapy.cz is a great website to help you get a better perspective of where your parish is within this map.

Requesting Research

The Třeboň archive will no longer conduct research for individuals.
If you visit the archive, you can research the records, but seating is limited and seats in the study room must be reserved at least 2 weeks in advance. You will want to check the website for more details if you plan to visit the archive in person.

Other Records

Cadastral Maps are not available through the Zámrsk website.

Click here for basic information about accessing cadastral maps.

District Archives

The district archives contain a variety of records including passport records, applications for emigration, certain land records, marriage contracts with register of bride’s dowry, town school records, and political records, including town chronicle (history of events from the town), are located in the district archives and are not available online. Some materials are online, but most of the records held by these sites require an onsite visit or can be searched through a professional researcher.

More Information

Many records from this archive can also be found in FamilySearch. Additional information about using the Třeboň Archive can be found at FamilySearch Wiki.