Southern Moravia - Brno


Jihomoravský Kraj
(South Moravian Region)


Link: http://www.actapublica.eu/

Districts: Blansko, Brno-Venkov, Břeclav, Havlíčkův Brod, Hodonín, Jihlava, Kroměříž, Pelhřimov, Třebíč, Uherské Hradiště, Vsetín, Vyškov, Zlin, Znomo, Žďár nad Sázavou


The Brno Regional Archive covers the southern part of Moravia. The years covered vary by parish.

The website contains birth, marriage, and death records from the late 16th century to about 1900. The years covered vary by parish. There are no Jewish registers held here. (They are in the National Archives in Prague.)

Most parish records have been posted. The law does not allow birth records of less than 100 years, or marriages and deaths records of less than 75 years to be posted. Even if a volume has records older than that timeframe, if it also includes newer records, it will not be posted until it meets the legal requirements.

Also note that some volumes are only an index, and some volumes contain records plus an index either at the end of the book or after each section of records (birth, marriage, or death).

Parishes Map


If the search of the initial parish records does not yield the results you are looking for, it may be helpful to search surrounding parishes. This detail map of the Brno diocese parishes can be enlarged to help you locate the parish you have searched and locate the names of surrounding parishes. Mapy.cz is a great website to help you get a better perspective of where your parish is located within this map.

Be aware that the Brno Archive contains records from parishes which are today located in a bordering diocese (e.g. Archdiocese of Olomouc), so you must be careful when looking for parishes along the border areas in this map. (You can find additional archive information from the CGSI.org menu "Using Archives".)

Requesting Research

The Brno Archive will no longer conduct research for individuals. If you visit the archive, you can search the records there. If you do not know exactly what records you want, contact the archive well in advance by email to find out. Once you arrive you will need to register and show identification, then fill out an application for the materials you wish to view. Check the website for more details if you plan to visit the archive in person.

Other Records

  • Cadastral Maps: Cadastral Maps are not available through the Brno website. Click here for basic information about accessing cadastral maps.
  • Seignorial Records: Seignorial records are not available through the Brno website. Records are available at the Archive for onsite review.
  • School Registers: School registers are not available through the Brno website. Records are available at the Archive for onsite review.

District Archives

The District Archives are also available to find other types of information such as census records, letters requesting permission to emigrate, certain land records, marriage contracts with register of brides dowry, school records, political records, town chronicles (history), and court proceedings. Some materials are online, but most of the records held by these sites require an onsite visit or can be searched through a professional researcher.

More Information

Many records from this archive can also be found in FamilySearch. Additional information about using the Brno Archive can be found at FamilySearch Wiki.