Czech and Slovak Archives


General Archive Resources

Resource Description
Video Presentation (2023) 🔒

Overview of CGSI Archive Resources, Iveta Blahútová

CGSI website Using Archives
Naše rodina (2016 December) 🔒 A Guide to the National Archives Collections for the Family Researchers, Lenka Matušíková
Video Presentation (2014) 🔒

Guide to Locating and Interpreting Czech Birth, Marriage and Death Records, Al Kranz, Suzette Steppe, Kathy Jorgenson

Czech Archives

Resource Description
Video Presentation (2022) 🔒 Introduction to the Czech Archives, Sokol Milwaukee
Video Presentation (2023) 🔒

Accessing the Prague Central Bohemian State Regional Archive, Jim Hudec

Video Presentation (2023) 🔒

Accessing the Třeboň South Bohemian State Regional Archive, Jim Hudec

Video Presentation (2023) 🔒 Czech Regional Archives Western Czech Republic Including Bavaria, Germany, Iveta Blahútová
Video Presentation (2023) 🔒 Digital Archives of the Regional Archives in Opava, Iveta Blahútová
Video Presentation (2021) 🔒

Basic Instructions for Accessing Cadastral Maps & More, Richard D'Amelio

Naše rodina (2016 December) 🔒 Genealogical Resources in the Prague City Archive, Tomáš Biskup
Naše rodina (2016 December) 🔒 Family History Research in the Fonds of the State Regional Archives in Prague, Martin Sovák
Naše rodina (2016 March) 🔒 Seigniorial Registers at the Třeboň Archive, Lee A. James
Video Presentation (2015) 🔒 Find it Yourself, Jan Dus
Naše rodina (2012 September) 🔒 Researching Czech pre-1900 Church Records Online, Wesley Johnston
Naše rodina (2008 February) 🔒

The Czech Network and its less well-known holdings for Genealogical Research, Dr. Lenka Matušíková

Naše rodina (2008 February) 🔒 Bohemia after the Thirty Years War: Historical sources Deposited in the National Archives in Prague, Dr. Lenka Matušíková
Naše rodina (2005 December) 🔒 The Regional State Archives in Prague and Genealogy, Jiří Vichta
Naše rodina (2002 June) 🔒

Professional Genealogists' Experiences With the Work At Czech Archives, Miroslav Koudelka and Jiří Ošanec

Naše rodina (2002 June) 🔒 Genealogical Resources at the State Central Archives in Prague, Eduard Kovalda

Slovak Archives

Resource Description
Video Presentation (2023) 🔒

Slovak Archives: What is Not Online, Michal Razus

Video Presentation (2021) 🔒

Accessing & Acquiring the Records of Czech Republic and Slovakia -- FamilySearch Efforts 2009-2021, Greg Nelson

Naše rodina (2015 September) 🔒

The State Archives in Prešov, Milan Belej

Naše rodina (2015 September) 🔒 Possibilities of Genealogical Research in Košice Regional Archives, Marek Rímsky
Naše rodina (2015 September) 🔒 The Slovak National Archives – Eight Centuries of Slovak History Knowledge, Daniela Tvrdoňová and Jana Kafúnová
Naše rodina (2012 September) 🔒 Slovak Archives Research for Dummies, Terri Simco DiCarlo
Naše rodina (2005 December) 🔒 Passport Documents in the Slovak Archives and Their Use, Milan Belej
Naše rodina (2002 June) 🔒 The Most Important Sources for Family Research in the Slovak Archives, Milan Belej
Naše rodina (2002 June) 🔒 System of Slovak Archives and Their Use, Milan Belej
Audio (2001) 🔒

Sources for Genealogical Research in the Slovak Archives and Potential for Their Use, Milan Belej