Fraternal Organizations


This page contains item descriptions and links for digital resources to research Czech and Slovak fraternal organizations.


General Resources

Resource Description
Video Presentation (2017)  🔒 Finding Your Ancestor in American Fraternal Organization Records, Rhonda R. McClure
Naše rodina (2009 December)  🔒 Since 1854: America’s Fraternal Benefit Societies Start with the Czechs in St. Louis, Deborah Zeman
Naše rodina (2009 December)  🔒 The Beginnings of Slovak Fraternal Societies in the U.S.A., Michael J. Kopanic, Jr.

Naše rodina (2006 June)  🔒

Fraternally Yours: Finding Clues about Your Ancestors in Fraternal Records, Lisa A. Alzo


Resource Description Link

Naše rodina (1994 September)

Issue Theme: Fraternal Societies

Articles include:

  • Slovak Catholic Sokol
CGSI Digital Library

Naše rodina (2004 December)

Issue Theme: Sokol Halls and Organizations in the USA

Articles include:

  • Sokol Karel Havlíček Borovský Ennis, Texas, Sylvia Laznovsky
  • Slovak Catholic Sokol, Jennifer Romine
  • Wilber’s Sokol Auditorium, Beatrice Daily Sun
  • A Brief History of Sokol South Omaha, Vojmir Benak
CGSI Digital Library

Sokol USA: Reflecting on the Slovak Gymnastic Union's 125 Years

Joseph Bielecki, current president of Sokol USA, reviews the history and present impact of Sokol in the life our the Czech and Slovak people. CGSI Digital Library

A Hall in St. Paul: America's Oldest Operating Fraternal Hall

A rich history of the growth of the sokol and fraternal organization growth in the St Paul, MN, area is explored in this presentation starting in the late 1800's through the current day.  CGSI Digital Library

Sokol’s Movement from Bohemia to the United States

Audio from 2003 presentation by Larry Laznovsky. CGSI Digital Library


Resource Description Link
CSA Fraternal Journal Digitized images of the CSA magazine covering September 1891 through June 1946. CGSI Digital Library

St. Louis Roots: The Story of CSA, America's Oldest Fraternal

CSA president Deborah Zeman gives an insightful review of the organization and its future projections. CGSI Digital Library

Naše rodina (1994 September)

Issue Theme: Fraternal Societies

Articles include:

  • CSA Fraternal Life - A Brief History, Joseph Martinek
CGSI Digital Library

Zapadni Ceska Bratrska Jednota (ZČBJ)

Resource Description Link
ZČBJ Fraternal Journal Many of the back issues of the member magazine. CGSI Digital Library

Západní Česko-Bratrská Jednota (ZCBJ) Death Index

This index shows information about deaths and life insurance claims filed as extracted from the ZCBJ/WFL magazine. CGSI Digital Library
Index of Obituaries Listing of 1,205 names of Minnesotans from issues of 1898 through 1939. CGSI Digital Library

Naše rodina (1994 September)

Issue Theme: Fraternal Societies

Articles include:

  • List of ZCBJ Lodges from 1899-1901
CGSI Digital Library

Carpatho-Rusyn Organizations

Resource Description Link
Carpatho-Rusyn Fraternal Organizations A review of the history of the Carpatho-Rusyn immigrants and their interest in fraternal organizations and the resources and value that can be applied to genealogical research. CGSI Digital Library
Newspaper Svoboda from the Ukrainian National Association (UNA) Back issues from 1894-2015 contain membership information.



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