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Czech Touches - The Czech Book

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Book Topic:
Arts, Folk and Music
Cookbooks and Recipes
Pat Martin

A Celebration of Traditional Foods and Recipes is in the back of the book showcasing several recipes from such categories as: Meats and Main Dishes, Soups and Stews, Mushrooms, Cabbage, and Potatoes, Noodles and Dumplings, Yeast Breads, Kolaches, Desserts, and More including homemade wine! Also included: History of the Czechs dating back to 500 A. D., The Czech Republic, Prague, The Charles Bridge, Cesky Krumlov, Charles University, Museums in Prague, The Art of Living, Czechs in the United States, The National Czech & Slovak Museum and Library in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, including photos of the museum move, Canadians, Traditions from Decades Past, Czech Festivals nationwide, Phillips, Wisconsin, colorful costumes (kroje) and authentic attire, marionette theatre, the legend of St. Nicholas, United Moravian Societies, queen pageants, cultural centers, glassware, museums, distinguished folk artist Marj Nejdl, Daniela and Teresa Mahoney, folk music bands, restaurants, and delicious recipes.