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Památník, Memorial of Czech Protestant Congregations in the United States 1900

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Vilém Šiller, Václav Průcha, R.M. De Castello

Originally published in the Czech language in 1900 in Chicago, Illinois, this book documents and describes the early Czech and Slovak Protestant U.S. congregations. Reverend Jan Dus and his wife, Anna, from Polička in the Czech Republic, translated the book into English. An editing committee organized by Dave Pavelka made up of Tom Kajer, Mary Jane Scherdin, Dottie Speidel, and Ed Vavra assured the preservation of the original meaning yet made sure the text is understandable to modern readers.

The hard cover volume of 294 pages has 137 black and white illustrations. It provides descriptions and histories of the congregations, lay leaders, and clergy of the included denominations which are: Presbyterian, Independent, Reformed, Congregational, (also some Slovak Congregational and Polish Congregational), Methodist, and Baptist.

Publisher:  Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International (January 1, 2012)
Hardcover:  294 pages
ISBN-10:  0965193233
ISBN-13:  978-0965193238