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Slovakia The Heart of Europe

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Book Topic:
Arts, Folk and Music
Olga Drobna, Eduard Drobny, Magdalena Gocnikova

Slovakia: The Heart of Europe is a lavishly illustrated introduction to a people and culture rich in spirit and history. Located in the geographical center of Europe, the Slovak Republic is characterized by a bountiful landscape, colorful culture, and a history dating back to the fifth century. The authors dedicate this book "to everyone who was born here and also to those who have never seen the country of their grandfathers and fathers, to all those who live all around the world may sometime return to Slovakia."Slovakia is called the Heart of Europe. In this book you can read about what is in this Heart of Europe, presented as a colorful depiction of Slovakia: its arts, its architecture, its cities, its songs, its holiday celebrations, its leaders, its mountains, its past, present, and aspirations.