Czech Genealogy in the time of Covid

Authored on
January 2, 2021

Here is an excerpt from a message from Rev. Jan Duš, a respected genealogist and beloved friend of CGSI. He is someone who you might contact for translation services as you are stuck at home in the dead of winter trying to figure out your roots, by the way. I hope he will not mind me sharing this. I found his words so powerful that I felt they needed to be heard by all those interested in Czech Geneaogy.


"Times like these help us to realize the importance of people around us - of our family and our friends. And they also connect us to our loved ones – those who have been so important to us - and have passed away. These times revive old memories and connections to our roots. And maybe - maybe - they help us to better understand the hardships, which our ancestors were going through centuries ago.

I keep hearing that "there is always good in everything". I am not sure about that. There are times in life, which are just hard. - Still, exactly at those times, we need to look for light and hope. And sometimes, our past helps us to find the way forward; our memories, experiences of those who were here before us. - For me, this is the deep meaning of genealogy. This is why studying our roots makes sense."


May we all continue to search for - and find a bit of - meaning as we search our roots this next year.


our past helps us to find the way forward