Thirty Years Ago: a peak on the shelf of Naše rodina

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One of the primary benefits to being a member of CGSI is that it gives you access to 30+ years of Naše rodina articles in searchable PDF format. "Czech" it out here!

Thirty years ago, Naše rodina included the following books and family histories in Vol. 2 Issue 1, pages 11-13. I tried to find out if these resources are still available, and was shocked to discover that some were, some weren't, and some seem to have been completely forgotten. I have highlighted these in yellow. I think that it is a pity, especially when it comes to family histories that were so lovingly and painstakingly compiled. Do any sleuths want to help us track down these long lost resources so we can add them to our digital library? Most likely many of them are actually located in our physical library in Minnesota!

The Jews in the Soviet Satellites by Peter Meyer

Our Czechoslovakian Heritage by Evelyn Santilli

Czechoslovakia by Ctibor Rybar

Reprints of Articles from the Journal of the Augustan Society

Town of Emery: Centennial 1889-1989 by Russell and Jeanne Kirchmeyer (Here is an index to the book!)

Olympia Guide to Prague by MIchal Flegl

Panorama by George J. Svejda (I couldn't find it, but here's a scathing review saying that it is "a very incomplete 'historical review' of that immigrant group.")

Decipher German Records by Edna M. Bentz (perhaps an earlier edition of If You Can, I Can: Decipher Germanic Records?)

Czechoslovak Interest Group Ancestor Charts by a member of C. G. S. (it appears we were not "international" back then!)

Hartl - Kratochvil Family Histories by Arnelle Kratochvil Snell of Gretna, NE and Elsie Stephanie Hartl Kratochvil of Madison, NE

The Juza Family History by Susan Juza

Jerousek/Jirousek Family History by Kathryn Betlach Dankowski

We're Czech by Robert L. Skrabanek 

Clarkson Diamond Jubilee 1881-1961


Naše rodina 1990 cover