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looking for any info on Martin Veleba arriving to Appleton NE in 1876. This is my great great grandfather. I am trying to find village of orgin. Moravia is all that is listed anywhere. he helped to build the Blessed Marry church in Appleton.



Hi Tony, Thanks for your info. Rev Dus has been able to trace back to 1770’s for me and it looks like Martin’s grandfather came to Stritez from another village. Probably not too far away but we are continuing the research. It is interesting I have a Kadlec branch in my background. My great great aunt Anna married a Kadlec from Schuyler NE and they owned a store. She made the news because she lived just short of 101 years. The crazy thing is she died June 12, 1978 and my birthday is June 12 although in the year 1961. Do you pronouce your name Kudlec? That is how my Uncle who lived in NE pronouces it. I will be in NE next week so maybe we might cross paths. Thanks Sue

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Hi Susan:

Yes, ‘KUD-letz’ is how we pronounce it when we are with those ‘in the know’, but otherwise seem to need to pronounce it as ‘KAD-leck’ as that is how the name is recognized by the everyday American. It is the Czech word for ‘weaver’, so is a relatively common Czech name…

Regards, Tony Kadlec CGSI Webmaster

Hello Susan:

You are lucky to have a picture with both of your ggg grandparents! Here is another Stritez connection that might be of use to you in your genealogy research:

I am related to this Danek family from Stritez, who first settled in Racine County, Wisconsin and then finally settled near the village of Silver Lake, McLeod County, Minnesota.

Best regards, Tony Kadlec CGSI Corresponding Secretary

Hi Paul, I have been able to locate the village of my ancestor with the help of Margie’s publication. Since starting my search I have discovered a new cousin. His great great gandmother and my great great grandfather where brother and sister. I have also reieved a copy of a photo with my great great great grandfather and my great great great grandmother. What a treat. I am going this summer to meet up with Rev Jan Dus to explore my roots in the village of Stritez, near Trebic, in CZ. Planning on gathering my info together to put in for a pioneer family.

Hi Sue: Have you already reviewed the book Kansas-Nebraska Czech Settlements? This is a compilation and translation of an 1891-94 Czech census which was published in the agricultural journal Hospodar. It provides maps and ecological descriptions of each settlement, and listings of heads of households, with their villages of emigration. Since your family was in Nebraska well before 1891 it is likely that your Veleba ancestor is included along with the village and county in Moravia from where he came. The CGSI Library in South St. Paul has the book which can be researched for you for a small fee, or you can find the book at other libraries.

Paul Makousky, Publications Chair CGSI e-mail