1840-1870 in Jarov and Vyrov Plzen area

Posted: Thu, 10/21/2010 - 01:25
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Does anyone have any research on land sales for Iowa and Wisconsin that were made available to citizens of Jarov and Vyrov, Plzen area between 1840s and 1870s. Many came from this area to eastern Iowa and it appears they had purchased the land either upon arrival in the U.S. or in Bohemia.

Also interested in any connections for Bulin, Fujan, Motys, Rezak families. They settled in eastern Iowa (Washington County and Johnson County.)


Mark, I have a number of relatives from Výrov village, and the surrounding villages. All of them lived in Wisconsin (Vernon Co. & Richland Co.) in West Central Wisconsin. I am unaware of any Iowa relatives or Iowa Bohemian connections.

I never heard about this land sale you mentioned.

Výrov (Janochek/Janoushek)
Kralovice (Hynek)
Nebřeziny (Novy House #5)
Korýtka (Hinsch)
Bukovina (Sebranek)
Bilov (Kaukl, Kaukel, Koukl, Koukel)
Hodyně [?Hodina?] (Hynek)
Řemešín (Kaukl, Kaukel, Koukl, Koukel)
Sedlec (Unconfimred)
Žebnice [Zbnice] (Kaukl, Kaukel, Koukl, Koukel)

Unknown Village: Martin Bulin B: 1820 – D: 29 May 1903 (88) Czech Cem Richland, Co. Wi. USA
Wife: Barbara “Rebecca” Urban B: 1825 – D: 23 Apr 1918 (93)
Children: Joseph, John, Mary, Annie, Josefa, Barbary

I’ve seen some of your names in cemetaries in Wisconsin:
Buline (Bulin), Henik (Hynek), Rezac, Hruby, Hudachek ( or similar),
Zenisek, (maybe its Janišek?)

I wonder of the connection between these families, as the villages are all small. My relatives who settled in Iowa (first in Washington County, Iowa and later in Johnson county) were Vaclav Bulin and his wife Anna Motyskova. I noticed that on the ship with them, and on the neighboring farm was Anna’s father, Vaclav Motys, who was living with Anton Urban and Mary Urban. Vaclav is listed as their uncle. Vaclav Bulin’s son, James Vaclav, married Frances Hinek, daughter of Vaclav Hinek and Anna Bulin.

Noticed above that Martin Bulin’s wife was Barbara Rebecca Urban.