Has Anyone done research on a family named, "Heina?" (It could also be Hejna)

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Hello: I`m just getting started on my research of my family. It appears that they came over to the U.S. (through Baltimore, Md.) around 1890. The original name, at the time of entry may have been Schindler. Later, after the family setteled in what I believe was Kansas, the father (Schindler) divorced his wife and the wife remarried to Frances Heina. IF you have done any research or have any data that may apply, please contact me at the above E-Mail address.


C. Robert Heina



One of my mother’s uncles had a wife, Anna, with about that last name. Unfortunately, the spelling of it has come down to us in about six different forms: Hejni, Haen, Henna, Hanna, and Hine. They farmed for about a decade (1895ish to 1907) near Renville, MN, and they homestead near Mott, ND.

Hello Robert, Your message caught my eye. I have a good friend in Prague whose last name is Hajna – pronounced Heina – with a long “i”. The Hajna name is her husband’s name, and I don’t know much about his ancestry. (I can ask if it would help you at all.) However, my main reason for writing this note is to alert you to another possible spelling of the name. Mary Jane