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I hired someone to do research in the CR. I just received it and went to the Post office (since he wanted the payment in postal money order) and they told me they don’t do postal orders to the CR.

So I went to the bank and they told me the same thing there?

I need to know how I can get the money to this person.

Thanks for your help in advance, Gale Brown



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Czech is a hard place to get money to. But I have found several ways that seem to work: a) If they have a PayPal account (or they can set up a PayPal account), you can deposit the money into their PayPal account. They can then simply access the money through an ATM. b) Some of my Czech friends have set up USA bank accounts, so you could simply deposit the money into that account, and they could withdraw it over there. (That may take cooperation with an American to set up the bank account.)

Have you asked your genealogist how he prefers to get the money? Most of them have already worked out their preferred methods.

I work with Mirek Koudelka and Jan Dus and both of them have their channels set up.

Dave Hanush

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I have used three different researchers in the Czech Republic and some of them will take personal checks, some have requested postal money orders, but all will take a certified check or cashier’s check drawn on large bankmade payable to them. Personal checks are the least useful for overseas transactions.