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My family is preparing an Application for Genealogy Research to the archives in Prague. I have a couple questions for those who done this before.

1. Will they send a quick “we got it” email back to me, so we know that it was received? 2. We put a limit on $/CZK spent. Will they do the research and then send me the bill? Or do we pay upfront along with the request?

Any other helpful information you give to me would be appreciated.

Thank you, Audrey



Pazdrov Tony,

Sorry this took so long to answer. Thank you for the suggestions. It isn’t that we aren’t willing to pay for Prague to do the search. My main question was about the payment.

Oh yes, we have village, birth dates, etc. Kladno, Kladno District. And we have been online to the Prague site and that village is not in their public database. In fact I have been in email contact with Dr Matusikova in Prague and also the research staff at the Kladno, library, which by the way, they are soooooo helpful. We also want census info and Dr Lenka let me know that the census information is housed in Kladno library. So we will send an app for them to search that too.

I did prepare the birth, marriage, death Genealogical Research app for Prague and sent it out this week. There is such a sense of accomplishment in preparing it and then ‘hitting’ send :)

Regards, Audrey

Hi Audrey:

Have you tried or considered doing the research yourself? We have the link for the online archives of Prague on our ‘Using Archives’ page:

Or you can consider consulting with one of the professional researchers on our ‘Professional Researchers’ page

Or you can send your research request to and I will receive your email to see if we can put our team of volunteer researchers to work on your request.

In any case you are going to need to know specifically where your ancestors lived (e.g. village/community/church) in order to know which registers (matriky) to search.

Best regards, Tony Kadlec CGSI Corresponding Secretary/Research Coordinator