Looking for Information on Hvozdany appx. 90km south of Prague

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My grandfather Josef mulacek immigrated from Hvozdany and married Maria Cejka from nearby Brezi in Cleveland, Ohio about 1880. Looking for others with relatives who immigrated from that area or who have knowledge of region.



I've been researching the area. My ggf immigrated from Hvozdany (Rosin) in ~1890. They moved to Hvozdany from Chrastany in the 1870s. 

Thanks. I’m a little late getting bact to this but your informaqtion will help!

Hello Dennis:

Here is a link I found on Hvozdany, that you might find interesting:…

Have you tried searching the CGSI member surnames database for the village of Brezi? I see that there are a total of 13 records related to immigrants from Brezi submitted by CGSI members (one of which was submitted by yourself), who settled in places scattered throughout North America.

Best regards, Tony Kadlec CGSI Corresponding Secretary/Research Coordinator