Cermak / Vosicka from Bohemia

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My maternal grandfather’s parents Joseph Cermak (1856-1911) and Barbara Vosicka (1862-1947). Any info appreciated.



Hi, Ray, I’m assuming you do not know the village of any of these births. Is that correct? Did these marriages for all your postings take place in the US or Bohemia? I’m just curious; not sure I can be of any direct assistance. I did look in my database for the Cermak name (which you probably know is VERY common in Bohemia). My family comes from south of Praha/Prague and does not tie to your Joseph as far as I can tell. But, I did find an interesting thing in that I have Cermak’s and Buzek’s in my database from the Bratronice and Belec area. So I did a quick look at the marriage and birth records and found that the surnames of Buzek, Cermak, Vozicka, Vorlicek, Mares, and Marek are all in or near those villages. It may be a needle in a haystack, but it may pay to do some searching in and around that area. If you have questions, give me a shout! Jerry