Adam, Guznar and Damel

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Searching for my grandparents, Josef Adam and mother Barbora came to TX in 1879 from the Prague area. Martin Guznar, wife Johanna Damel, and 2 children came in 1893 from maybe Austria to TX.



I found my Guzner (Gussnar) relatives! After 30 years of searching, and your quarterly has truly been a blessing in the Baptismal and marriage records. I found several generations in the Spalov Catholic Church books. Now I’ll try to have as much success with my Adam line, they are there somewhere!

Hi, Bobbie, Sounds like you are just getting started with your search. I have run into the Adam name a couple times in my research, but not in “the Prague area”. However, that is a very loose definition. Before you will be able to make a lot of progress, you need to see if you can narrow that down. For example, my grandfather was born “just outside of Prague”. In reality it was about 70 miles away and there was no way to find the village based on that first piece of information. Do some more searching. Have you looked at church records in TX? Have you attempted to find the records for where they may have entered the US? Have you checked the names and history of “neighbors” where they settled in TX who were also of Czech descent? If you can find the exact village name or even the name of another village near where you believe he was from, you will have enough to start searching the archive records. It’s a slow, arduous process, but you will probably find lots of fun facts about your family along the way! Post again if you find a bit closer proximity. Good luck!