Kostelec Nad Vltavou 1900 census

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I am trying to figure this out. It seems that everytime new data is released it leaves me with more questions. The three members of my family I am trying to locate and track are my Great Grandmother Paulina Marik daughter of Adolf Marik and Marie Raab of 44 Kostelec (also 21 and 38), Her sister Bozena Marik, and Bozena’s son, Jan Marik. (Trying to figure out why the name is the same. Jan could be a brother. and I wont find out til the archives of the church are released next year. I was told he was her son) Anyway. They owned a large Inn, farm house and home. Hence the three addresses. I looked for them in the 1900 census and only my Aunt Bozena was listed at 44 Kostelec. My great grandmother would have been 14. Jan would have been 2. Neither were listed. Also, The parents had died within the previous 2 years. The eldest son took over the inn. Now for the actual question. In that time, and region (South bohemian) where would a 14 year old girl go when she wasn’t with family? Anyone run into this in their own reseach? Thanks. Mike



One more note on this. On the ships manifest the three, Bozena, Marik, 24, son Jan Marik, 3, and Paula (My great Grandmother Pauline) Marik, 19, were headed to Chicago to meet Bozena’s Husband Jan Marik at 32 north Wallace street. (That’s really odd because Bozena and my Great Grandmother looked exactly the same. They had the same parents. I have copies of the christening records, they were sisters. So they lied? Jan was the name of their grandfather. who was dead by this time. Obviously someone lied) Also that address didnt exist? I know about the different street name changes and the renumbering system. that street address is false. So that leads me to believe they left Kostelec nad Vltavou in 1903 and falsified info to start a new life. Like I said. Every time I find something out, new questions pop up. Still dont know where my grandma Pauline was in 1900. Not in Kostelec unless she was missed in the census.