Filek families in the Chicago area

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I’m trying to find immigration and ancestral village information for Albert Filek born April 1841 in Bohemia. His wife was Katerina… last name may have begun with Lu. He came to the US before Children were Joseph and Thomas both born in Bohemia; and Anna and John both born in Illinois. There may have been more children.

Anna was born in 1872, so They’d have come to the US before then.

I’m grateful for any clues from anyone.


Mary Dachtera Filek Foxworthy




I just happened across your posting. If your family were living in Illinois there is a good chance they subscribed to the Denni Hlasatel newspaper. There is a Denni Hlasatel index to Obits book available. I know its at my public library and I can take a quick look for you this week sometime. Otherwise you might see if someone else on this website has the book and can let you know if the name appears in it. If it does, then there is an Obit. You can order the reel for that date most likely through the LDS website. Someone has it. I live in Illinois and get it through the Abe Lincoln Library in Springfield. They send it to my library. And I view it there. Those Obits are jam packed with info as anyone here would attest. Every one of mine had the name of brothers and sisters and home towns etc. You may have to find siblings too and look on theirs to view home town if yours doesn’t have it. Thats the best way to do it. But it does take time and patience. The newspapers are written in Czech.