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Any information regarding my grandfather John Major or Mayer

John/Jan or Johann Major was born about 1889-1890 probably in Ujezd Svateho Krize near Rokycany An address on back of old photo of his brother Vaclav says “my brother Vaclav 77 Borek Rokycan Czechoslovakia Europe His parents were Josef Major, farmer and mother Josephine Otis also thought to have lived in Ujezd Svateho Krize John had brother Vaclav and a sister, name unknown Vaclav immigrated to the U.S. John did his piano tuning apprenticeship in Czechoslovakia and Germany, lived in Chicago for a few years Then John immigrated to Australia and married Elise Holik from Prague



Unfortunately the parents of the Cekov- Vaclav Majer are not Joseph and Josephine. The hunt goes on. I can send you a screenshot of the record, but not sure how to do that on this message board. Gabi

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Gabi, Thank you for your research I have been unable to find any information regarding my Grandfather or his family There are no records of his departure from America or his arrival in Australia The first record of my grandfather is his marriage to my grandmother in Australia at 32 years of age in 1922 It is a great mystery !

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Gabi, I am still searching for information about my grandfather John Major and his brother Vaclav Are you able to do a search for those names, even though they may not be correct. My grandfather was a very secretive man and did not talk about his past life in Czechoslovakia or Chicago. We know nothing of his brother and he may have had a sister.It would be great to know where they grew up and where they lived. Vaclav would have had a wife and children that we know nothing about. Do you have any advice?

I have recently found information that may be my grandfathers brother Vaclav On Family Search I found this; Vaclav Mayer Birth; 1886 Czechoslovakia Naturalization; 15th September 1921 Date of arrival: 23rd October 1907 age at time of arrival; 21 years Single male Ship: Kaiser Wilhelmina 2 Port of Departure: Bremen Nationality: Austria Bohemia Last place of residence: Cekov Bohemia Cleveland, Ohio U.S. RECORDS; 1800-1977 I need to find a Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate to be sure that I have the correct person