Slovak Village Descriptions

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I am interested in finding a source with descriptions and history of various ancestral villages in Slovakia. I find that google and wikipedia have very little information on most of these places, maybe a line or two. Is there such a resource? I am looking for Rankovce (formerly Rank) and Trst’any (formerly Nadaska) but am sure others would be interested in their family villages. Thanks



August 4, 2015 Rankovce is North-East of Kosice. From Kosice proceed east on the main Hiway to Bidovce. At Bidovce turn North – the road bifurcates just outside of Bidovce. The left (west) road proceeds north to Kecerovce – it is not your road. The road to the right (to the east) proceeds north to Herl’any. At Herl’any take the road to the left and it will take you to the village of Rankovce.

I have maps – my Slovak families are from the Saris region, but I have cousins in Kral’ovce, just north east of Kosice (Lemesani’s). Bob Lavenberg