ISO Rosa Eva Blei b about 1870 Bohemia calif by 1891

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Rosa Eva Blei or Bley, Blie, Bly. b about 1870 in Bohemia. immigrated to California in about 1890. probably married William Mayfield Shaw in 1890’s with 2 children. married John Oley in 1903 with 2 more children. died in 1935 in Oakland , California. I’d like to know where she’s from in Bohemia and how she got to the US. Thanks



1910 US Census lists her as from Austria arriving in 1888. 1920 US Census lists her as from Bohemia in 1886 and still an alien. 1895- birth of her son Claude with a residence of 1357 17th Avenue in Oakland, Calif. 1891- a Miss Rosa BLIE is nearby at 512 17th Avenue in the Oakland City Directory. She was a domestic. 1885- Rosa BLEY went from Bremen to New York on the passenger lists. She is listed as Bohemian. Thanks for your interest. I can use some help.

What makes you think that she arrived in 1890? Have you found naturalization records or a passenger manifest?

There is a Rosa Bley (b~1871)in the Hamburg passenger lists who arrived in 1880…but this family is from Morwa (Moravany, Slovakia).

Thanks for responding. Her birthdate is listed as “abt 1869”. Her parents are not listed. On various records her place of birth is Bohemia, Austria, or Czechoslovakia. She apparently always claimed to be from Bohemia.

Is there any information on her death certificate about her birthdate or place (Nov 29, 1935)? Are the names of her parents listed?