Searching for Gunthers from Bohemia (Becov and Caslau, Czech Rep.)

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Looking for information on Anton and Antonia (Krentz) Gunther from Bohemia circa 1800-1880. Trying to find out who Anton’s parents were and where they were from. Anyone done any research on the Gunther family?



Hi, Lu, In your title you mention two towns: Becov and Caslau (probably Caslav). Do you know if the Gunthers were from there? If so, have you searched the records on line? Jerry

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I’m so sorry, I just saw today that you replied to my post. Nothing like being nearly two months late replying to you! So sorry. To answer your question, yes, I’ve been searching the records online. I didn’t find any of my relatives when searching via Family Search or I tried looking through the books on this website for Caslau records but found no one so I’m now trying the books for Krnov (Jagerndorf) in Northern Moravia because my great, great grandmother put down on her immigration paperwork that she was from Jagerndorf. My great, great grandfather put that his last residence was Caslau. That’s why I started looking there. So far, I’ve found nothing but I do have several books left to look through in Northern Moravia. Those records are more tedious because you have to go page by page so it’s slow going. If you have any suggestions, I’m open to ideas. I’d love to figure out where they were born, married, etc.