Posvar or Caha

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I would like sharing info. with anybody that has anything on the Posvar or Caha families.



Elaine, if your Caha family was from Nebraska and then perhaps moved to New York, then it is a family that married relatives of my husband. Small world, huh, Gabi.

Mary Sramek Levesque Omaha

I did a little research into the Posvar family which settled in Nebraska and found an entry in the Marge Sobotka book saying that the family was from Ujezd in Moravia. Here is a link to the birth record for Karl Posvar who was one of the settlers, and later married Marie Caha. He was born on Jan 24, 1864 to Matous Posvar and his wife Antonia

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Do you know what town they came from? If not, then please post more details so that we can help you to locate them in the records. Names and birth dates (approx) of immigrant couple. Names and birth dates of their children. When did they come over. Where did they settle? Religion?

Here is a map for the distribution of the Posvar surname:

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