Tadeas (Tadyas) Krivanec ancestors

Posted: Thu, 07/02/2015 - 17:10
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Tadeas (Tadyas) Krivanec was born 23 Oct 1817 and was the Mayor of Vrbno, South Bohemia, Austrian Empire. I’m looking for ancestors of Tadeas. I know he had a son Frantisek Krivanec born 2 Dec 1849 and a son Peter (dates unknown) who I was told emigrated to the USA. Any ancestry information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


According to the Feb 28, 1844 birth record for Peter in Vrbno:

The father of Tadeas Krivanec is Josef Krivanec from Zabori #26, and the mother is Katerina S?

The Dec 2, 1849 birth record for his brother Frantisek also confirms this:

Now you have a starting point on where to search for the birth and marriage records for Tadeas Krivanec…and find his ancestors.

Here is the Oct 23, 1817 birth entry for Tadeas Krivance in Zabori #26 (bottom entry right hand page) right where his son’s birth info pointed us to:

Zabori and Vrbno are about 5km apart.

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Thank you so much!!! I will look over this information.