Searching for Nun(Nunn) from Frohnau CZ

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I am looking for my ancestors (and family that may still be there) from Frohnau, CZ. I have the name of my GGG Grandfather Wenzl Nun. He was married to Barbara Rubey. Their son Anton born January 1, 1846. He came to the USA in 1866. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Your ancestors come from Frohnau which is now Vranov. There are two communities with this name, but your family is from the one in the parish of Pivon.

Here is the Feb 16, 1841 (parish book Pivon 17, image 5) marriage of Wenzl Nun to his wife Barbara (see Vranov #2):…

The Jan 7, 1843 birth of their son Anton (parish book Pivon 17 image 22) is here:…

Now you have a starting point for your research.

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