Seeking Information On Kostelak (Vaclav / Wenzil) and Krizek (Anna)

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I am looking for information on my g-grandparents, Vaclav Kostelak. We recently found a Wenzil Kostelak on a ship from Bremen to New York – Dec 18, 1880. This would be within a month of the date on his immigration papers and the age is correct so definitely could be him. Cannot, however, locate anything with his origins. Everything has either Austria or Bohemia. He was married to Anna Krizek in 1882, but their marriage record also have only Bohemia.

They were cigar maker / cigar roller in New York for their entire lives.

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I have his birthdate as January 1859 or 1858. Since it varies, it could be the same person. I will also send you my email address.

I tried using the link, but couldn’t quite figure it out. Thanks for offering to send me the index record. I appreciate it.



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Thank you for responding so quickly. I apologize for not getting back on CGSI for so many months. In answer to your questions, I have a copy of the actual marriage license but it didn’t provide any additional information. They were married in New York. He was naturalized in 1886 in New York. I have his parents as Johann and Christina (nee, Nedvidek). I don’t have any brothers or sisters.

Their children are, all born in New York Ciity: Vaclav – DOB 1883 Anna Bosena – DOB 1884 Vladamere – DOB 1886 Mildred – DOB 1888 Ottocar – DOB 1891 Robert – DOB 1894 Victor George – DOB 1897

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