Are Ukerska Ves Czecho Slovakia and Zahorska Ves, Malacky, Slovakia the same?

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I am researching Michael Homer. His U.S. naturalization shows he was born in Ukerska but records found in Zahorska Ves Malacky appear to be for him. His wife, Mary was born in Kestelan, Czecho Slovakia. Is that nearby?



I have to correct my information. You were right. Záhorská Ves and Uherská Ves are the same. The new name was given to it in 1949.

Hi,Nancy Ukerska might be U Kerska which means next to Kersko. Kersko is not far from Prague. Next, there might be “k” and “h” similar in that handwriting. Then you should try Uhersko situated 20 km East of Pardubice. The letters „o“ and „a“ used to be transposed quite often in that time. You can find it in parish registers digitalized in Zamrsk Archive. The churches which have records of its inhabitant made Indexes so you can check the surnames easily. I hope my English is good enough to understand. Zdenka