Andro/Annie (Tkach) Fetcho

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I would like information about Annie ( Tkach) Fetcho and Andrew aka Andro Fetcho. I would like to know about their life and ancestors in Slovakia. I do not know in which city/village either was born. I believe Annie was born in the Presov area. Annie and Andro were married in Slovakia in 1873 according to their obits. Andro was born 6-24-1849; Annie was born 1-11-1856. This info comes from their tombstone in Lakefield, Jackson Co., MN. Andro and Annie lived in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Minnesota. Andro was a miner and farmer. Family lore states one or both may have been orphans. Any information about this couple would be appreciated. Respectfully, Elizabeth (Fetcho) Stoffel



Hi Elizabeth, We are living in a great time. A lot of the old records are on line now. Have you found the passenger list from the ship they came over on? It looks like it was in 1881. The record should have the town listed.