Where was Spitinan?

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My Grandfather, Jan Hoferek, shows Spitinan as his residence. I have tried, Austria, Moravia, Czech Republic, and have yet to find out anything at all. Does anyone have any knowledge of where it might have been?



I need a translation of what is on these pages, not being able to read the language. Thanks.

Southern Moravia, look at the right Using Archives. You can look up your grandfathers baptism record.

Former Location Name: Spitinau Location name: Spytihnev Parish: Spytihnev Begin of Vital Statistics: 1692/1692/1692 Former Parish: Jalubi 1703/1703/1703 Former Judicial Denomination (Bohemia/Moravia and South Tirol only): Hradiste Uherske venkov Crown Land: Mähren Respective Archives: Brünn (Brno)