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Any info to get started.
Joseph 19 aug 1846-18 nov 1935
His Dad
Thomas 13 dec 1812-1845 Robice
Josef 1778-1832 Plzen



Hi, Otis, I tried looking for “Robice” in the Plzen area, but came up with nothing. However, “Hrobice” does show up as an area to the west of Plzen. I tried looking at the records in the Plzen archive online, but the website has been experiencing some type of issues for the past couple weeks and is still not allowing access to records. I think you should try searching the records for Tuchovicky when that site comes up. I also have Fencl records in my ancestry and they are from the Plzen area. Some are from just north in the Nadryby and Hromnice villages and some are from a bit southeast in the Zichovice parish. That might give you a few clues to start with. Good luck!