Sladky Family

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My Great-Grandfather, George (Jiri) came to Tisch Mills WI in 1873 from Bohemia. He came from the Prague or Pilzen areas. I heard that He (or his father, Jiri,) had played the organ in the Cathedral in the Pilzen Town Square. Does anyone have or know of a Sladky in their family?



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I have a Sladky that married into my family in Milwaukee, Wi . Anna Rose Sladky (1868-1941) in 1886 she married my mother’s uncle, Frantisek (Frank) Toepfer. She had a sister Marie A Sladky who never married. After Anna and Frank divorced, Anna and Marie moved to California where they had a ranch and grew citrus. Anna and Marie remained dear family friends all of their lives. Their mother’s maiden name was Hajek and there may have been a connection to my grandmother’s family which may account for the continued friendship.