Pospisil, Josef & wife Marie (Pokorny)

Posted: Thu, 01/16/2020 - 17:44
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Hi All,

Its been awhile since I’ve done any family research. Last month, my uncle told me he received some information and mailed it to me. So here I am searching for long lost family. I seem to more luck finding female ancestors than male. Part of the problem is Josef which happens to be the name of a lot of my male ancestors. was an extremely popular name and the ancestors’ name I’m searching for (Pospisil), I was told, is as common as Smith. So there’s that.

My great-great grandfather was named Josef Pospisil, his wife’s name was Marie Pokorny. Her father’s name was also Josef (see what I mean) her brother’s name was Johann, Jan or John. Anyway, I’m trying to find more info on my great-great-great-grandfather. I don’t even know what his name was.


Hello. So, a little more information is needed. My 2nd Great Grandfather was Frank Pokorny. However I don’t have a Marie with a father Josef. Do you know where and when they lived?


Hi Lauri, I got help from a Czech-born librarian at the Independence Missouri Genealogy library (that’s not the exact name) a few years ago when I was traveling through. I was asking her about my Johnsons who had settled there are then left on the Oregon Trail in 1850 (my dad’s grandma’s line). I asked her about her accent and made an appointment with her the next day. My father’s mother was born in New York City of full-blooded Czech parents, Josef and Barbara (Cernych) Hruska. This librarian was able to triangulate their birth locations…I had their birth dates but really didn’t know where they were from. She figured that if we found birth locations on both names geographically close to each other, we would be successful. She helped me and within a few minutes she found both. She was proud (as I was) that these Catholic church records are digitized. I settled for this info but just the other day was searching to expand the family line. Dad’s DNA matched Antoni Hruska Suchanek whose mother was Barbara Pospisil Hruska. Antoni would be a 1st cousin of my great-grandpa. I was just going through records online in Czech from the Nove Dvory book 13 birth records and the book 14 death records and found many listings for Pospisil, a Josef and a Vaclav and their wives and children. Here’s a death record for a Josef Pospisil which may in fact be their father https://ebadatelna.soapraha.cz/d/10210/17 from 1871 in the Nove Dvory book 14 page 17; here’s a birth record for Vaclav Pospisil who was the son of Josef and Barbara Pospisil born in 1867 from the Nove Dvory book 13 page 66 https://ebadatelna.soapraha.cz/d/10209/66; Franticek Pospisil was born to the couple, Josef and Barbara Pospisil, in 1869 in the Nove Dvory book 13 page 93 https://ebadatelna.soapraha.cz/d/10209/93. I can’t translate these yet. I found lots of siblings for my great-grandpa and a death record for his mother. Working on learning how to translate. Don’t know if this helps but maybe its who you are looking for.