Ignatius Frank BLAHA from Bukova, Bohemia

Posted: Sun, 06/28/2020 - 17:09
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Ignatius Frank BLAHA was born 14 Jun 1865. His home town was shown in Hamburg passenger records. He left Hamburg on 3 May 1891. He had sisters Stella (AK Josephine) BLAHA born approx 1863 (died St Louis MO), Mary Ann BLAHA (AKA Mary) born 27 Sep 1867 (died St Louis MO) and Anna J. BLAHA born approx 1870 (died St Louis MO). The parents for all these siblings were Vaclav (Wenceslaus) BLAHA and Josephine SNYDA or TREJDA. I am trying to confirm the names of these parents with baptismal records in Bohemia.


There is a Blaha family in St. Louis who attended St. John Nepomuk Catholic Church. (This was the first Czech Catholic Church in America). The parish registers are available online at familysearch.org. Search for microfilm
number 1764562. Baptisms are listed first, and the second item is marriages for 1854-1991. You can confirm the names of the parents by locating the children’s marriage records at St. John Nepomuk Church. Here is one marriage entry which is written in Latin:
Married 27 Nov 1895
Joseph Simunek, age 27 years, from St. Louis, son of Mathia Simunek, Slatina in Boh.and
Mariam Blaha, age 27 years, from St. Louis, daughter of Wenceslai Blaha, Predsn Porici in Boh. .
Witnesses were Ignatius Blaha and Joseph Herman, St. Louis.
Priest: Rev. Carolus A. Bleha

This pertains to my family alright. Will be getting out a Bohem gazetter to look up Predsn Porici. I am guessing that one term might be a political district and the other term a church district. At any rate, this is something really important for me. Thank you so much.

After additional study of the marriage records, I now believe the correct town name for Wenceslaus Blaha, father of Ignatius Frank Blaha, is Predni Porici and not Predsn Porici. The 1891 Hamburg passenger record for Ignac Blaha is Ignatius Frank Blaha I still believe so he left for America from Bukova Bohemia.