Joseph Simunek

Posted: Thu, 07/23/2020 - 10:08
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Where was Joseph Simunek born 08 Feb 1868 born?


A marriage record at St John Nepomuk Catholic church in St Louis MO USA suggests that this person was born in a locale called Slatina. However, there is more than one Slatina in Czech and I have not been able to locate an old Czech record to help this fellow researcher.

Thank you so much genea45 for the assistance with this research. Your help is really appreciated.

FYI, this query has been answered fully with help from genea45. The correct birth date turned out to be 2 Aug 1867 instead of 8 Feb 1868. Joseph Simunek was born in Slatina as the St Louis church record indicated, Klatovy district in Plzen region, west Bohemia. Genea45 also found some interesting information about a business that Joseph Simunek’s father had.

Correction: I misread something. Sorry about my confusion above. The birth date for Joseph Simunek was really 8 Feb 1867.