Finding information about Brncik and Putec family

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My grandpa John Andrew Brncik Jr was born December 9, 1908 in Chapman Pennsylvania. His father, John Andrew Brncik Sr was born in 1872. His mother, Julia (Julie) Putec was born in 1883. I’m not sure where to start since I have such little information. All I know, They came to the United States together and were already married. They also traveled with his brother Stephen Brncik. Stephen was born in 1875. Would appreciate any help

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We have found the baptism record. 

Hello Stephanie - start with censuses (1930 to 1900) - these four censuses taken every ten years should give you the immigration year (check for consistency), and other important data, then search for a passenger list and naturalization record (if naturalized) - the last two might reveal the last residence in Europe. Then you can search for the vital records for your place in Europe.

For more info, check also this link on CGSI website

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