village of Nemcice, north of Litomysl

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Just wanted mention the village Nemcice, north of Litomysl – anyone interested in it should contact me, I’m compiling an index of births.

Some of the names in town: Bartonicek, Brydl, Castek, Dubisar, Hanus, Jiricek, Jiskra, Karlik, Koditek, Kolar, Lana, Maracek, Mrkos, Padour, Papacek, Powolny, Rambecek, Riha, Sedlacek, Sic, Starman, Stary, Stindl, Vavrin, Velebny, Vesely, Wesely, Vondra, Wondra, Witlaul or Witlacil.



I cannot search our member database by user name to find this "miker" person. I must have a name or member# or email address. I am asking around to see if there is a way around that. I did go to our Surname database (under Resources) to look around. If you type the name of the village, Nemcice, into the keyword field, it will pull up those researching that village who took the time to enter their villages in the surname database. None of the folks I saw there looked like they could be Miker. But there are others there who have roots in that village.


Hi Sylvester. It's me, Judi Engels (again!). This post is still up on our message board as is you response to it. However we cannot know if the original poster is still here on the website. It was quite a while ago.

Is this post still active?