Travel from Carpathian villages to departure ports

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In early 1890 my great grandmother was on a ship from Bremen to New York with three children ages 6, 4 and 11 months. My question is how would she have traveled from Becherov to Bremen. Does anyone have a family story that describes travel like this from village to port city?



Hi, David,

I can't give you a direct answer, but maybe a place to find some information:  CGSI has posted many of our physical library's collection of Family Histories in our Digital Library on this website. 

Many of them contain information you may find interesting as to try to build the picture of hor great grandmother's tavel.  From my own personal family's background I can tell you that it was a combination of traveling with their belongings stacked in the back of a wagon owned by a neighbor, then going to a train.  Of course it totally depends on the money they had and the types of travel available in that day. 

Another source that CGSI is just making available is the Hopodář magazine.  The Digital Library has issues from 1891 through 1979 posted at present.  It's in Czech, but Google Translate does a descent job.  If you page through the issues you will find stories posted by pioneers and they often reference bits and pieces about life in Europe before coming to America.  The February issues tend to have more of these types of stories in them.

Good luck!!!!