Looking for Bárta in Bohemia

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Great Grandfather, Josef Bárta (1863-1934), immigrated to US in 1887 by ship from Bremen, Germany to Maryland. Lived in South Omaha, NE. Married Marie Roul (1872-1930) who arrived in 1889. She had one brother Valcav James (also NE). I'd love to find connections to these two families, pre-1880s (siblings, parents, villages, churches, etc).

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We have a Josef Barta who married into our Subert family in Chicago in 1883. He was born 20 Jan 1860 at Kunemil, Caslav in Central Bohemia and died 23 Jul 1929 in Chicago.

Hello Kevin, 

After checking the CGSI link How to find records, you might examine also this link It is a Czech Heritage Project of UNL. Just click at any county and check places other Czech immigrants with the same name came from. They might come from the same or neighboring villages as your ancestor(s). Compare places on the map. I randomly clicked only at two counties and found Barta name (Box Butte County), immigrating from Prosec (village), Habry (town), Caslav (district). The great resource for connecting to these families, finding siblings and parents, would be the church records. The records of the example above (Prosec, Habry)  would be in Eastern Bohemia Reg. Archive.

If you need more help or further guidance, I would encourage you to attend one of the CGSI Discussion Group quarterly meetings online (Aug. 6, Nov. 5, and so on..). Thank you. Iveta B.