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I would like to see if anybody has immigration voyage info on the two families to follow. Departue port, ship name, arrival port,,,anything would help. I can trace both back to the 1700’s in CzRep until 1840/50, and in the US from 1855 to current. But for all my searching, I have the 2 black holes.

Frantisek (Frank) Brusek, born 1812/1814 in Dunajovice, and Vojtech (Albert) Vrtis born 1826 in Ceprovice.
Later, they both wind up in the New Prague, MN area.

Thank you for any tidbits



I have found a first marriage for Frantisek Bruzek to Maria Michal in Brilice on 9 Sept 1834.  He then marries Catherine Renta (or Plojhal although I don't know how that name connects to her) in Dubuque, Iowa on 14 Apr 1856.  

Frantisek and Maria must have arrived before 1856.  Were you able to find a date?  I'd also appreciate any information about Catherine as she and Frantisek are the ancestors of my son-in-law.


Thank you for responding. The hard to read town is Dolni Milentin. I will e3-mail some more back in time info as soon as I get my records neatened up some. That will give a little more on your friends family. Frantisek’s daughter Agnes married my Gr-Great granfather Albert Vrtis in Iowa in 1855. Will email soon

Bruzek is not my relation, but it is my old college roommate’s family. I have done some research for him. I don’t have an immigration date for Frantisek Bruzek, but I found his birth record in the Trebon archive in the book for Dolni Slovenice (book 1) image 231: He was born 28 March 1814 in house #3 in Dunajovice. His baptismal name is listed as Frantisek de Paula Kuzel with Bruzek written in. His father was Anton Kuzel (with Bruzek written in) a sedlak of Dunajovice and his wife was Eva the daugher of (illegible) of Dunajovice. The births of other children in this family confirm that Eva’s maiden name was Kuzel. Anton Bruzek and Eva Kuzel were married on 11 May 1807 at Dunajovice #9. Anton is listed as the son of deceased Jan Bruzek a sedlak of Dolni Malentina (hard to read, but I think that is the village), age 21, and Eva is the daughter of Tomas Kuzel a sedlak of Dunajtz(Dunajovice) #3, age 20. The marriage is witnessed by Jan Krenik and Franz Hayny. Does that match your information?

If so and you want to do some speculating about when they may have arrived in the US, give me a shout at