Great Grandparent's town listed at Bolodol Czechoslovakia??? Where is that now?

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I want to get dual citizenship through my great grandparents. They were born in Czechoslovakia around the 1890's. I'm trying to find the birth certificates but many doesn't have any information about where my great grandparents were born. 

I found a draft card from my great grandfather and it listed the place of birth as Bolodol (or Bolodok or Boodlok) Czechoslovakia. Where is that now? I can't find it anywhere went a do a google search. He also had Yugoslavia listed on a census document. Most of the time documents I find say Czechoslovakia though.

His name is Miscik and his wife was maiden name was Bransky. Her town was listed as Harlov (or Harbov or Harklov) I can find no information on her. They both spoke Slovak.



Hello Brittney,

Could the place be Bodovce, previously Bodolak? The village belongs to Sabinov district, Prešov region. Please, check this website Type Bodovce and see all previous place names including surnames common in this community.

Thank you. Iveta B.